Garden Office

Use Case

With the ability to take your passion to a whole new level, our garden rooms breath new life into the opportunity of having your very own unique garden beauty room.


Surrounded by the beauty of nature, our custom garden rooms have the utilities to be able to host your passion. Whether you’re looking for this space to house your beauty tools and accessories or to kick start your salon venture, for example, this really is your opportunity to bring your thoughts to life. 

  • Fully installed utilities
  • Fully customisable interior
  • Large patio doors for maximum airflow
  • Standard UK electricity ports
  • Oak wood panels for a natural aesthetic

The final product will have you in mind from corner to corner.

garden office desk setup

Your garden beauty room, or garden salon, will let you incorporate yourself further into a natural setting by being separate from your main housing space and into your outdoor escape. Our beautifully crafted garden rooms are largely nature-focused, with wood being its main structural material.


Ensuring we use correct materials, all ethically sourced, is a must for us. Not using materials such as concrete doesn’t however impact its strength of longevity. Our rooms typically take within 2-3 weeks to build and last for years to come.


Depending on the situation you’re looking for, we have pre-designed garden rooms available as well as the opportunity to have a fully customised option if you’re looking to go one step further into a custom space.

Feel free to get in touch with us today for further information and get your initial free quote.

garden room office desk in the doorway
garden room open patio doors
garden room shelving