Case Studies

Our bespoke garden rooms have the capacity to be whatever the user wishes for their dream escape. Previous customers, with our help, have been able to create a space which can be used for their hobbies, exercise and employment.


Some of our most satisfied customers have been happy for a case study to be created with their project in mind. Ranging from smaller garden rooms to large-scale projects, our case studies provide clarity into real-world situations and show how our garden rooms can be utilised in any setting.


Explore our bespoke garden rooms and gain inspiration for your very own garden room project.


Initially, the creation of a garden room may feel like a large task, especially for those who haven’t designed a room to this extent previously. At Outsiders, using our previous case studies can provide examples regarding the possibilities you can achieve.



As well as our available case studies, we also recommend taking a look at our ‘Inspiration’ page. Doing so can show what is capable and may spark confidence and ideas for those looking to create their new garden room.

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