Home Office, Gym Area & Storage Space

Location: London

After starting a new WFH job, our client quickly realised they were in need of a specific office area. The couple had also noticed their workout equipment, and lack of storage for it, was clogging up their home so decided to create a multi-purpose space.


Due to their type of property, they were not permitted to build up or down so soon realised a garden room would be the building of choice.

The Project

Bespoke Hideaway
4.8m x 3m
Charred Larch
2.4m Glazed panel at rear, Integrated Venetian Blinds, Dedicated store room, Assisted with planning
Spring 2023

We made sure to listen to all the client’s requirements and worked closely with them throughout the design process to ensure that the garden room met all their expectations. Alleviating the stress of clutter from the house was key to creating this couple’s perfect space – they needed somewhere to work out as well as an office space. Planning permission was required for this project to achieve their ideal garden room. We referred them to our specialist partner who was able to make the process as painless and efficient as possible.


The creation of the garden room also allows the client to ‘leave work at the door’ when they clock off for the day – which some struggle with when WFH, stating – “It is amazing how much I feel the positive disconnect after a day working outside in the garden room and then, ‘coming home’ to the main house!”


Throughout the process, we’re pleased to hear the client felt they could get in touch with us, specifically Rob, with any questions or clarification needed. We pride ourselves on being open with our clients and treating their property as our own.

damiano and james bespoke garden room
james and damiano front of garden room
james and damiano garden room interior

The Client's Verdict

“I could contact Rob directly and get an answer quickly. I could rely on the team to work diligently – under a variety of weather conditions – with a great attitude until the job was done. Really, very impressed and feel it has completely transformed our home.”


We know that the building process can make the client’s property feel ‘busy’ however, we take the utmost care to not disrupt their lives, tidy up each evening and be considerate to the neighbours. This particular client expressed their thanks in regards to our builders keeping the noise levels as low as possible – “Our neighbours barely noticed!”


The client chose a Charred Larch finish, which easily blends into the natural look of their existing garden space. Doing so ensures the garden room is created using ethically sourced materials which last.

james and damiano interior view from the garden room
james and damiano interior tv mounted on the wall
james and damiano garden room interior