A question we have noticed to be on the minds of a lot of our customers is, ‘will my garden room be warm enough to use during the winter?’ The short answer is yes, you will be able to comfortably use your garden room throughout the winter months, whether you are using it as a home office, a cinema room, a home gym or even a garden bar.
Throughout this article, we discuss the features and benefits available to you when keeping your garden room warm in the winter and why Outsiders is the number one destination for your insulated garden room needs.

Utilise Your Investment All Year Round

Our fully insulated garden rooms mean you can use your outdoor garden room all year round, no matter the weather. A common misconception is that insulation is just for keeping the heat in during cold months, however, it is also key for controlling the internal temperature of your room throughout the summer. 

The factors below will highlight the quality, care, and detailed construction that goes into all our luxury garden rooms, showcasing the industry-leading quality and attention to detail we provide.

Fully Insulated Garden Rooms

Here at Outsiders, we can provide a fully insulated garden room, no matter if you go with one of our pre-designed options or if you choose to build your own bespoke garden room.

We only use the best quality materials throughout our projects, including insulation: installing the most effective thermal insulation available on the market. The walls and roof panels have 100 millimetres and the floor 50 millimetres of high-spec insulation, resulting in excellent thermal performance – reducing heat loss and energy consumption.

U Values:

Walls: 0.35

Roof:  O.35

Floor:  0.22

You can be confident that when purchasing one of our insulated garden rooms, it will remain warm throughout the winter, meaning you can enjoy this additional space and be comfortable until the cold weather passes. Aside from the heating benefits of our insulated garden rooms, you will also notice several other benefits, including more energy efficiency, noise reduction, and reduced harmful environmental impacts.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is a standard feature in all of our garden rooms, providing both improved internal heating temperatures and reduced noise pollution from the outside. Our double glazing is 28mm thick as standard, with all windows and doors holding a 1.2 U Value. 

Double glazing works by creating an air gap between two panes of glass that are sealed together, insulating heat being transferred from the outside to the inside of your garden room. You can be assured that when we say our team produces completely insulated garden rooms, we mean it, combining expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials to create a warm and efficient space for you to enjoy. 

north london garden room interior

Smart Technology Capabilities

As well as wifi and internet, surround sound, and CCTV technology, Outsiders gives you the ability to control your garden room from the ease of your mobile phone or tablet.

As experts in our industry, we can install technology solutions that allow you to control your heating, sound system, air conditioning, and lighting before you enter the room. This means you can preheat your garden room before using it, meaning you can enter a warm and comfortable environment that will remain warm until you need it. 

Catering for everyone, we can install Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri Homekit, Google Home, and Philips Hue systems, allowing you to control your garden room from anywhere. On top of the added capability of heating before use, you can be confident knowing that your insulated garden room will keep the heat in and the cold out.

NL 15

Trust Outsiders, The Garden Room Specialists

When investing in a garden room, it is important that you can enjoy it all year round, when you want and not when the temperature allows you to, which is why it’s critical to trust a specialist provider, like Outsiders, meaning you can have the confidence and reassurance that your project is being carried out to an elite standard.
Are you interested in one of our insulated garden rooms? Don’t hesitate to contact our team now or request a quote online – we offer a free site consultation and design services – get the process of your ideal garden room started!

Creating your perfect garden escape couldn’t be easier, we’ve got the expertise to guide you through the design process and help you build a garden room that meets your requirements.

The possibilities are endless

Everyone’s vision of the ‘ultimate garden room’ is different.  At Outsiders we offer a fully bespoke, personal service which means there are many design options.  Whether your dream garden room is a tech-loaded party room, a sedum-roofed yoga studio with a sauna or a light-flooded art studio with a kitchenette we can help you create it.

Pre-designed garden rooms

We offer 4 pre-designed garden rooms – they all have different design features and come in a range of sizes.

blenheim exterior
Blenheim 8

The Suite has a flexible interior space and a modern-looking exterior with a framed overhang. The front has a curtained larch cladding design feature and a narrow deck.

The Hideaway is an ideal choice for clients that are using the existing shed space to build their new garden room. This design incorporates a hidden store area. The overall aesthetic is fuss-free and practical.  It is a popular home office choice.

sheriff exterior
Outsiders 5 2

The Lodge is our classic style offering, it sits well in most settings and comes with a spotlight-fitted soffit feature across the front.

This softens the front aspect and provides shelter from the elements.

The View is popular with those wanting to connect with nature as it has wide floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors with the option to add a picture window to the side in most cases.

Barnet 3

Some clients choose to use one of the above pre-designed styles as the building blocks to their bespoke garden room – our design and build process has the flexibility to make changes, add extra features or alter layouts.  Our team have the experience and expertise to help you explore various options in order to best achieve your dream garden room.

Bespoke garden room designs

At Outsiders we like to keep things simple for our clients.  Once you have reached out to us we will arrange for our owner, Rob, to meet you, discuss your vision and measure your space.  This is the first stage in our 4 easy – step process:

  • Free Consultation
  • Design & Planning
  • Installation
  • Aftercare & Support

Our expert design, build and support team will be by your side throughout the process to ensure everything goes smoothly and your project meets your expectations.

Customising your garden room

All our garden rooms come hard-wired for data, fully insulated, with power, heating and lighting. Being a small, family-owned business means that we offer a personal service.  We are able to offer a large array of options including:

  • Several cladding types
  • Various window shapes/sizes
  • Different door types
  • Decking & pergolas
  • Sedum roof
  • Mood lighting
  • Bespoke joinery
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Hot-tubs & saunas
  • Gym floors
  • Sound-proofing
  • Integrated Venetian blinds
  • External kitchens
  • Air Conditioning

Uses for your custom garden room

The tech options are endless and ever-changing but at Outsiders everything is possible.  We use highly trained tradesmen who will be able to help you make the correct choices for your space.

Smart Home Technology

Control heating, sound systems, air con, CCTV and more from your mobile device.

Surround Sound System

Enhancing your movie-watching and music-listening experience.

Alarm Systems & CCTV

Keeping you and your garden room safe with the use of high-tech systems.

Golf Simulator

Working with you we can create a bespoke, purpose built space for your golf practice.

By including your chosen tech option in the design we can take your garden room to the next level, creating an aspirational space. Whether you are looking to use it as an office, gym, games room, bar, man-cave or craft room, we can help you realise your dream.

Construction and planning permission

All our pre-designed garden rooms adhere to the regulations, meaning that there is normally no need for planning permission.


If you want to build a garden room which is outside of these regulations we use an experienced team of planning specialists who will happily take over this process for you. For clarity, you can find further information surrounding planning permission on our FAQ page on our website.

Get in touch

If you are looking to design and build your own garden room, get in touch with us today.  We’ll happily talk through your plans, provide advice and help you understand the process.  You will be one step closer to your garden room dream escape. Contact us directly:


01277 671283


Finally, the nicer weather has arrived, along with longer days and lighter evenings. Spring is a time that most people feel inspired to increase their exercise routine and reconnect with nature. Our bright, light and airy garden rooms are the perfect home gym solution – allowing you to benefit from nature whilst working out.

Bringing the outside world into your workout space

Connect with the great outdoors whilst working out in your own garden room this spring/summer. The benefits of being able to see into nature include a more positive, motivated mindset. Whether you choose one of our pre-designed rooms or a bespoke project, we’ll be able to make your dream space a reality.

Experience the natural ventilation system

A key design feature of our builds is the fully-opening bi-fold doors which allow you to make your outside space an extension of your garden room – creating a seamless coherence with your current garden aesthetic.

Having a large view of nature through our floor-to-ceiling windows and doors blurs the lines between construction and nature and will benefit the mindset of the user. Multiple studies have shown how much human physical and mental well-being relies on the quality of our relationships with the natural world.

Mental Health Foundation features research conducted which proves the above, stating ‘connecting with nature is critical’. It is suggested that a ‘close relationship or emotional attachment to our natural surroundings’ directly improves a person’s mood. 

Mental Health Foundation has also proceeded to explore further areas to assist with mental health benefits – exercise. This particular study shows a reduced level of stress and further positive impacts on mood, similar to being connected with nature.

With this in mind, it gives us great pleasure in crafting the ideal surroundings for our clients. Bringing more to their garden space through our planning and development process allows for that link to nature, especially as better weather and longer evenings are present.

Optimising your space 

We understand that some gardens may be an unusual shape.  Our bespoke service means that we can create a building that is tailor-made to optimise the space.  Our expert design team will work with you to ensure that your garden room meets your vision as well as your needs.

We are not restricted by access issues as all of our materials/equipment can be brought through a standard door frame – enabling us to create your dream, nature-based, escape whether you live in a flat or mid-terrace property.

The ultimate workout capabilities

Combining the positive vibes of connecting with nature (especially during Spring and Summer) with the buzz of exercise is a great way to boost your wellness and escape the pressures of everyday life. Outsiders value the positive impact the natural world has on our mindset and, in a country with a temperate climate, will always try to find ways to incorporate it into the design, e.g. picture windows, decking and canopies.

Endless possibilities

With our years of experience and versatile, bespoke building service we can help you create a garden room to serve any purpose.  From a meditation space to an artists’ studio, our end-to-end service allows you to tailor your luxury garden room sound to your own needs and preferences. Take a look at some examples of what your new garden room space can be:

Get in touch for your quote

At Outsiders Garden Rooms we’re keen to hear from you and help you transform your garden space this spring/summer.  Get connected to nature in your very private space.  Our expert team are happy to provide a free quote and discuss our process and your requirements.