Garden Bar

Use Case

Entertaining your guests can sometimes be a daunting endevour if you’re slightly limited for space,  bringing this experience outside to your Garden Bar could be the answer you’re looking for!


A custom exterior space to entertain guests no longer has to feel like a unreachable possibility. Our garden rooms have all sorts of uses and features which can be installed for maximum pleasure. Turning one of our bespoke garden rooms into a bar brings a whole new level of excitement and a plethora of benefits.


  • Fully insulated interior
  • Large patio doors for easier access year round
  • Electricity ports to open all kinds of entertainment options
  • A custom look to fit your aesthetic 
  • A pre-installed sound system


The level of creation is completely up to your vision. We’re happy to customise your garden bar room to your needs.

north london garden room bar shot
bar garden room exterior
Crafted For Longevity


We build our garden rooms to a level we would be happy with on our own properties. We take pride in every step of the way as we know our customers will enjoy times in their new space for years to come.


To ensure our garden rooms last, we use top-of-the-line materials to ensure a high-quality finish and longevity. 


Our materials are all ethically sourced meaning we don’t use materials such as concrete. Through our high level of skill, we can adapt to the landscape and circumstances to create and complete a natural and safe space for its users.


Our garden rooms, which we offer both pre-designed and as a custom build, really do bring new life to your outdoor space. This maximises the efficiency of space and could even bring in a higher value for your property. Of course, this would depend on personal circumstances. 

Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your next investment – your new bar garden room. We’re happy to provide more information and your free quote today.

north london garden room bar shot
north london garden room interior
north london garden room exterior zoomed out