Garden Gym

Use Case

For some, a private gym right in your back garden could only be a dream. We wanted to make that dream come true and offer the space you need to complete your workout.


There can be many benefits of having a garden gym within just a few steps from your house:


  • Some may prefer the privacy
  • The ability of controlling the temperature
  • Choosing your own music playlist to play on the built-in sound system
  • Not having to commute to a different location, saving you fuel
  • No membership fee


Our garden gym rooms also come with patio doors, allowing for maximised airflow. This ensures your exercise experience is as optimal as possible. You can also see the addition of a garden gym room as an investment on your property. Not only would you have the freedom to use the space for whatever you’d like but it may add value to your home as a whole.

Garden room gym setup
Hard-wearing materials


A sold base and perfectly levelled foundations allow for more than just rigidity.


It provides a blank slate to allow its users to use it for whatever style of garden gym they would like – from a weightlifting area to an open cardio space.


The size of the garden room gym is completely up to you, along with the customisability of the construction process. Here, at Outsiders, we’re happy to add additions to your garden gym such as wall fixtures, Wi-Fi, sound system, lighting and more. You can find more information regarding our smart systems here.

Choosing what is best for your optimal home gym garden room is entirely your decision. Whether you choose from our pre-sized rooms or want a more bespoke space, make it yours and enjoy your personalised custom home gym. Get in touch with us today for your free quote.

garden home gym interior
garden home gym exterior
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