Garden Office

Use Case

In the most recent years, working from home has been more and more common in most work places. Some employees worked from their kitchen tables and others from a spare room in their home. Embrace the work from home experience and take it to the next level of having your very own garden office.


Despite still being on your own property, having your own space that you use for work can help with the work/home split. The garden office pod would also be the place to have online meetings and briefings in peace, which some may not be able to benefit from whilst still being inside their home.


  • A quiet, work-specific space
  • Can be used all year round thanks to its insulated features
  • Modern look, providing a professional background in video calls
  • Compact and efficient use of space
garden office desk setup
exterior garden room office
Suitable Year-round


We take pride in our garden offices, ensuring they’re constructed with a high level of care and ensuring the space is usable all year round.


Our insulated garden offices withstand year-round weather conditions ensuring your work isn’t disrupted even through the winter months.


Warmth, as well as air circulation, is a major consideration for us at Outsiders. Nobody would want to wear gloves when using a keyboard!


Through our free quote service, we have the ability to ensure your new construction is a bespoke garden home office, if you so choose. Delving down this route, we rely on your guidance and can provide a unique service of design for your new garden office.

Down to the materials, colours, features and tech, we have the ability to install – you’re the decision maker. To find out more, get in touch today.

garden room office desk in the doorway
garden room open patio doors
garden room shelving